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Aaron Bozwell

Aug 9 , 2013 Neighborhood Theatre

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Music is a journey; it started for Aaron Bozwell at about the age of 5 years old. His father, an electrician and musician, began giving Aaron guitar lessons then. Coming from a family of gospel singers and growing up in the bible belt of North Carolina, Aaron Bozwell’s singing just came natural. Unlike many Artists shooting for record deals, Aaron was already seasoned before arriving in Nashville at the age of 18. This was foreseen by Buddy Killen when he immediately signed Aaron to an exclusive publishing deal and production contract in the early 90’s. After a short stint on Curb Records and passing on other record label offers, Aaron Bozwell continued to record and as the country music industry changed so did Aaron’s music. Never losing himself to the past he transcended time and space and began venturing in fresh new musical territories. “I’d consider myself an Americana Artist today” proclaims Aaron in a 2012 interview with a Virginia based newspaper editorial report on Artists coming close to Fame. Age makes no difference in blue eyes and golden hair, as the old song says for this transparent musician who has probably sung more demos in Nashville than Roger Miller pinned words on paper. Music is a journey, destination UNKNOWN! Today Aaron Bozwell is working closely with Lifestyle Entertainment Group in North Carolina and industry specialists in Nashville. Currently he’s back on track writing and performing up and down the east coast and continues to master his music and signing voice. It’s been said that Aaron’s voice rivals most any other singer around the pike since Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. 

“It feels good to be on the road entertaining crowds with my songs. Songs of the good times, songs of the struggles, songs of my life.”

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