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All the Funny Ladies

Sep 28 , 2018 Knight Gallery at Spirit Square

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Part of the Queen City Comedy Experience

Who run the world?  These hilarious ladies!  The funniest women in Charlotte host the funniest teams from across the Carolina’s, including Kissmet, Greenville’s improvised “Bachelorette” show, and The Land Mermaids, the Triangle’s gift to comedy.  Plus hang around to the end for a cross-group jam. 


Have you ever watched a reality dating show that made you go, “What is HAPPENING right now?” Kissmet is an all-female team dedicated to making you ask that same question, through unforgettable characters, storylines, and episodes of its fictional dating show Snatched Up.

The Land Mermaids

The Land Mermaids take a single suggestion and start with a split screen opening that spreads with big bold characters to end in the Goon River

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