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Antiseen - 35 Year ANTiVERSARY!

Oct 13 , 2018 Neighborhood Theatre

  • Pricing:
    $13.99 in advance - $3 Under 21 Surcharge at Door - Valid ID Required for entry (under 18 permitted with parent)
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Long before it was fashionable, somewhere in the red clay rolling hills of rural North Carolina where time stands still and mass media culture merely flys over, a young Jeff Clayton was stewing up a mash of crazed ideas inspired by late night horror flicks, Saturday morning wrestling and the scratchy old records of Alice Cooper and Black Oak Arkansas. It was a potent and hazardous mix that, when given the blasting cap of punk rock, ignited one of the most infamous and iconic bands in rock & roll; ANTiSEEN.


Now, over thirty years later, Clayton still leads the charge - a bloodstained barnstorm of southern fried punk rock fury. Times and taste may change, but ANTiSEEN does not; diesle-fume piss and vinegar - and damn all the rest. What was once topical has long since become dated... But not ANTiSEEN.


The toxic DNA bleeds thru the muddy roots. The genre defying influence and heritage no longer can be denied. One needs not look very far to recognize it.

The spirit is eternal, the reality exceeds the myth...


The legend continues...


Current Line-up:

Jeff Clayton - vocals

Russ Ward - guitar

Sir Barry Hannibal- Bass

The Gooch- Drums


Past Members:

Joe Young - guitar

Jon Bowman- bass

Phil Keller- drums

Doug Canipe - bass

Greg Clayton - drums

Dale Duncan - bass

Marlon Cherry - bass

Doug Throgmorton - drums

Thomas O'Keefe - bass

Tripp McNeill - bass

Sir Barry Hannibal - drums

Byron "Spitbubble" McDonald - drums

Lee "Flea" Howard - bass

Steve Sadler - drums

Brad Keeter - drums

Bill Cates - bass

Mitch Cooper - drums

Joe Williams - bass, keyboards

Dana "Ace" Davis – guitar

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