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Aubrey Logan

Feb 25 , 2018 Evening Muse

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Aubrey Logan takes a song you’ve heard a thousand times and spins it on its heels. It’s new. It’s fresh. It delights. And she writes. Oh, does she write! — songs with lyrics that paint the chambers of the heart with all the colors on the human palette. And whether she’s jammin’ on her trombone or sailing through a song with her nothing-held-back, multi-octave vocal instrument, Aubrey captivates audiences and delivers originality to everything modern in music. Her style as an entertainer ranges from sassy to sultry, and her performances never fail to elicit the highest critical praise. Aubrey Logan is jazz, yes, but she can’t be defined by jazz alone. Hear her tap into the graces of a neo-soul ballad, then claim your seat in First Class as she pilots a flight of classic rock. A graduate of Boston’s renown Berklee College of Music and winner of the top vocal competitions at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Aubrey is passionate about her art and finds herself at home whether in a recording studio, on stage with symphony orchestras, in intimate clubs with her own ensemble or in a classroom teaching kids. This Seattle native who makes her home in Los Angeles has attracted enthusiastic fans all across the country, and now, throughout much of the world. The international Aubrey recently wrapped a tour (11 cities in the U.K. plus Dubai, U.A.E.) as a featured artist on tour with Scott Bradlee’s acclaimed Postmodern Jukebox, and she will soon rejoin the tour with appearances in 29 European cities from Manchester to Nuremburg. . This fall, Aubrey swings stateside in seven major U.S. cities, and she will be headlining jazz festivals in Boston and Bakersfield. Working at home in what she calls her “solitary confinement chamber” (the room with the keyboard, the metronome and a whole lot of manuscript paper), Aubrey is putting the finishing touches on new material for an album slated for release this year. She has her fans to thank for this project; many even spurred her on through the online platform, PledgeMusic. And with her cheering section in mind, Aubrey is tailoring the tracks with lots of pop influences and elements of jazz she has loved all her life. She asks us to be ready for some favorite covers and a whole lot of original stuff. That’s what Aubrey Logan does. And then some.

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