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Cale Tyson

Oct 5 , 2017 Evening Muse

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"Old school, sad-bastard country for a new generation of excited country fans." -Rolling Stone. "The twenty-five-year-old from Cleburne, Texas, isn’t the first skinny kid to wear a cowboy hat and a pearl-snap shirt in tribute to the giants of vintage country, but he is one of just a few whose lovesick blues actually sound like they come from the heart." -Garden & Gun Magazine. "His sweet yet melancholy lyrics feel like they were probably written on a whiskey-stained bar napkin, just the way good country songs should be." -Wide Open Country. "Tyson channels all the woe and despair you could find in his native Texas on the album, crafting meandering and warbling ballads that harken back to the heartbreak songs of old country. You’ll find all the usual suspects of the lonely hearts club soundtrack, but Tyson’s rich vocals evoke empathy and more than a little second-hand despair. -American Songwriter Magazine. "Tyson and his crew handle the musical reins with ease, while his lyrics leave you smelling whisky and feeling a dusty heartache. Tyson harnesses the classic sound of old-time country, but his vocal arrangements impeccably capture a new and exciting perspective, bringing almost an R&B-esque groove to the country genre. Each song is the work of a craftsman who knows his trade, and Tyson offers a glimpse into the future of country music classics." -PolicyMic.com. "There’s a pretty severe case of macho going around among the guys of mainstream country, and one of the chief symptoms is the list song that reels off every sturdy, American-made item required for dirt-road tailgating, from the truck bed to the iced-down brew. You’re far more likely to find honky-tonk sensitivity over on the indie side of country, from the guys who worship at the altar of tortured soul twang. Fort Worth transplant Cale Tyson is staking out a spot for himself right in the middle of that territory with his new steel-and-shuffles-stocked EP High on Lonesome, which features none other than Kenny Vaughan. Tyson’s songwriting has its stock barroom and bedroom scenes, too — tradition is one of country’s central ingredients, after all — but you can tell that he hears Hank Sr.’s lonesome yodeling and Gram Parsons’ rock-to-country reaching through modern ears. And boy, is his pleading, heart-on-sleeve emotionalism refreshing right about now." -Nashville Scene. "Although he hangs his hat in Nashville nowadays, Fort Worth-bred singer-songwriter Cale Tyson still carries the soul of classic Texas country music with him. His debut EP, which sounds like a dispatch from the early ‘50s, is a striking piece of work, and one which only impresses more with repeat listens. Modern country music doesn’t sound much like this, and Tyson’s willfulness is as admirable as his fidelity to his inspirations." -DFW.com. "You should listen to Cale Tyson because he is just as confused as you are, and his music is like a friend that doesn’t judge, but instead sits at the bar and drinks two shots for your every one." -Lockeland Springsteen. "We know it says “no country” right there in our name but, truth be told, we’re suckers for quality, throwback country artists (it’s that overexposed, top 40 country that we think Nashville’s got more than enough of). Cale Tyson’s Nashville by way of Texas, whiskey-soaked, 1970′s golden age retro country sound is genuine enough to make us converts." -No Country For New Nashville.

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