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Color Play

Sep 23 - 24, 2022 Booth Playhouse

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BPA Fellow

Moving Poets presents: Color Play, an immersive multi-media experience

Come get immersed in the spirit of creativity, as a visual artist directs a dancer to use her body as her paintbrush. Every turn, footstep, and hip sway drive the development of the colorful and dynamic 15' x 12' performance painting. Through key phrases and creative triggers, a unique visual story unfolds connecting the painter, dancer, and audience. The artist also paints with large format tools: a mop, squeegee, broom, and leaf blower. The audience experiences the creation of the painting live and from multiple points of view through real-time live projection. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to direct the dancer. Participation is encouraged but not required.

Appropriate for General Audience

MyLoan Dinh @myloan_dinh
Alyce Cristina Vallejo @alycecristina
Till Schmidt-Rimpler @movingpoets

About Moving Poets:
Moving Poets is an international community of artists and creative professionals of different disciplines, cultures, and age groups. Founded in Charlotte in 1997 as a professional, non-profit arts organization, we strive to convey content and stories that are meaningful to both the artists and the audience, support the presentation and creation of high-quality contemporary art and serve as an arts incubator to collectively create new works. Bringing together local, national, and international artists of different disciplines and cultures, we open possibilities to be inspired and try unfamiliar paths.

We work with established and emerging artists and creative professionals, especially in the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, photography, film, and multimedia. We regard authenticity, quality, respect, and curiosity for others and other views as significant, including the willingness to engage in constructive discourse and a welcoming attitude towards the audience.

IG: @movingpoets

Facebook: Moving Poet Charlotte

Photo credit Jeff Cravotta Photography


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