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Mar 25, 2023 Sandra Levine Theatre

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CONTRA-TIEMPO presents "joyUS justUS"

CONTRA-TIEMPO is a bold, multilingual activist dance theater company based in Los Angeles. Through the combination of Salsa, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop, and contemporary dance with theater, compelling text, and original music, the group brings dynamic and nontraditional storytelling experiences to the concert stage. CONTRA-TIEMPO provides entertaining and electrifying performances that challenge the audience to open their hearts and minds, and actively engage with others and their own humanity.

It is that notion of “us” that is at the heart of the group’s work, joyUS justUS. By and about people of color, joyUS justUS takes themes such as social injustice, resistance and immigration and presents them through a new lens that joyously celebrates and uplifts. The true stories, as told by CONTRA-TIEMPO with their unique blend of performance, inspire audiences through immersive sights, sounds, movement and words.

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