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Dancing Through Latin America

Aug 1, 2020 McGlohon Theater

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The Carolinas' Latin Dance Company is very proud to present our 18th annual show. The vibrancy of the music, the educational facts and the beauty of the costumes will keep your attention until the end of the show and will be sure to enchant the entire family! Our folkloric dances will represent 14 countries in Latin America, one from Spain, and one from the US. The show is made up of two 45-minute sets with a 15 minutes intermission. The performance is presented in both English and Spanish.


This year we will take you on a guided tour. These dances will transport the audience through their history, scenery, color, and pageantry into many of the identities and places that make-up these diverse and fascinating cultures. We will also pay homage to the United States as it is the melting pot where all these beautiful cultures are able to meet, and we will end with a stunning tribute to all the beautiful Latin American countries.


CLDC is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote cultural awareness and acceptance of diversity through dance. CLDC is made up of local youth (6-30 years old), who are passionate about integration of all cultures and enjoy dancing towards cultural unity.


Come and enjoy a wonderful cultural experience and come prepared to learn something new!

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