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Esther Perel

Sep 22, 2021 Belk Theater

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People’s relational habits do not disappear the moment they walk through the office door. Esther Perel is bringing her deep insights about human connection into the business realm to help organizations, execu-tives, and teams function more effectively. She is bringing a new perspective to the invisible forces that shape workplace connections, conflicts and communication. With her deep insight and cultural pulse she helps companies improve the relational intelligence of their workplace. Her new Gimlet x Spotify podcast How’s Work? explores the complex dynamics of relationships in the workplace through one time therapy sessions with co-workers, co-founders, and family colleagues. Once considered “soft skills” in the workplace, relational intelligence is now the #1 driving force for successful leadership. Interpersonal skills ranging from giving/receiving feedback, to building morale, active listening, adapting to change, and maintaining relationships are crucial to any leader’s success. Yet, these learned behaviors and skills are rarely taught and severely lacking in our society and work environments. When organizations prioritize relational intelligent leadership, those leaders inspire their teams to perform at a higher level and thereby increase organizational productivity and profits.

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