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Family Friendly Friday

Sep 28, 2018 Knight Gallery at Spirit Square

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Part of The Queen City Comedy Experience.

With Teenage Handbook, Brothers Grimprov, Background Noise, Family Friendly

Clean comedy for all ages by some of the best improv groups in the Carolinas.

Teenage Handbook

This "La Ronde" long form Improv team will make any American Apparel ad, look like child’s play compared to their misfit- hipster swagger.  These teens may not have all the answers to life, but they can tell you how to survive the teenage years, while looking cooler than Kim and Kanye at your uncle’s annual family BarBq. 

Background Noise

When the emotion gets too much to speak...we sing!  Singing is an expression of joy and these guys are crazy full of joy.  Words and lyrics made up on the spot in fun short-form games, outrageous rap battles, and Charlotte's only completely improvised musical long form.

Brothers Grimmprov

Brothers Grimmprov is an improv collaboration between the two brothers who actually wrote the fairy tales you all know and love. For years they have been in hiding and let others take the credit for their work but now they've decided to perform their stories for the public. 

The funniest acts from around the corner and across the country are coming together for one hilarious weekend. The Queen City Comedy Experience is more than just a festival -- it's three days chock-full of audience participation, sidesplitting stand-up, wacky improv and much, much more. If you're expecting the jokes your dad cracks on every family trip, buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride.

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