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Fun with STEM

Mar 28 - Apr 6, 2014 Booth Playhouse

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A Charlotte original! This innovative Broadway bound show, FUN WITH STEM, features a spectacular, multimedia blend of live action, magic, comedy, robotic puppets, live music, juggling and unicycling with national variety performer, Cory the Clown®, star of Cory’s Learning Corner on PBS member stations and the On-Stage European Circus.

This fun show, perfect for the entire family, was created to inspire children to be interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Cloaked in pure entertainment with colorful, comedy antics, children (unknowingly) are introduced to STEM concepts.

The larger-than-life robotic puppet zany sidekicks, Stan the Toucan and Darrel the Barrel with multi-media interactive videos, created by Corlin Productions, foster kinesthetic learning. By clapping hands or stomping feet, the audience makes things happen onstage. Original music with Music Director and Writer, Vladimir Kolenic, is performed by Vladimir Kolenic, Ethan Uslan, winner of 2007 National Piano Ragtime Contest and percussionist, along with science segments with Fiona the Science Buff and irresistible musical numbers with the Circus Gang performers.

In an end-of-show demonstration, the audience is shown the art and engineering used to create the fun robotic puppets and realize that all they enjoyed during the show was possible because of STEM and A-STEM (Art, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Children chosen from the audience, use the computer software onstage to program the puppets for a grand musical finale. Children and adults who attend this live show will never forget this magical experience.

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