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May 4 - Jul 27 , 2019 NarroWay Theatre

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    $9.50 - $37
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A triumphant story of hope!

Dinner and Show

From the battle at Kaskiyeh to Geronimo's cry for revenge, the story of this great Apache leader comes to life. Intertwined with the moving narrative of a modern-day family, "Geronimo" is a triumphant story of hope and healing that transcends time.

Dinner features a delicious, Native American themed meal!

Sliced beef brisket covered with mushroom gravy on top a bed of wild rice
Flame-roasted corn with black beans, peppers and onions
Fry bread with garlic and rosemary
Mouth watering maple honey cake
Sweet iced tea or water

Vegetarian and gluten-sensitve options available with 24-hour notice. Call 803.802.2300 if one of these substitutes is necessary.

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