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Spin, Trampoline Fitness, and Dance Fitness at Immersive Van Gogh Charlotte

Sep 21 - Oct 19, 2021 Camp North End

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    • Customers receive a 35-minute class plus 25 minutes thereafter to enjoy the exhibit.
    • Participants should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class. Class starts promptly and late comers past 5 minutes will not be admitted.
    • Participants must be 12 years of age or older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (no free or discounted tickets available for classes to student/seniors or children).
    • You are not required to bring any equipment.
    • There are no changing facilities at Immersive Van Gogh, so come wearing comfortable clothing.
    • Bathrooms are available.
    • All customers must agree to waiver at purchase.
    • Price: $54.99 per person per class plus fees.
  • Pricing:


Participants of all fitness levels are invited to enroll in our 35-minute Spin, Trampoline, and Dance classes led by certified instructors! All classes take place within the multi-sensory and all-encompassing Immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Camp North End. 

Each workout is designed to challenge the body and inspire the mind; choreographed in harmony with the music, sounds, light, and moving images inspired by Van Gogh’s vast catalog of masterpieces. After your class, you are invited to stay and enjoy another 25 minutes in the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. 

Spin and Trampoline Fitness classes are led by FrameChangers Fitness.

FrameChangers Fitness is a health, fitness, and wellness company. We are a specialized vendor offering personalized services to corporate groups, residential complexes, large public groups, as well as small private groups and individuals. We are an inclusive company with experience working with clients from all types of life and fitness backgrounds!

We bring every advantage of an exclusive gym to your doorstep! We have a “portable gym” that allows us to offer a variety of fitness equipment and classes that might not otherwise be accessible or readily available. We offer customized services, classes, and programs taught by well-educated, certified personal trainers and instructors. Our FrameChangers Fitness team has been carefully chosen to ensure a diverse, energetic, and knowledgeable team that will provide the highest quality of specialized service to our clients. 

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