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Late Night Funny

Sep 29 , 2018 Knight Gallery at Spirit Square

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Part of The Queen City Comedy Experience.

Late Night Funny

Cardigan Club

Chaz, Chester and Chadwick Cardigan are the only members of the very exclusive and very hard to get into Cardigan Club. They travel from stage to stage, interviewing audience members and using the information given to them to reimagine what that persons life might have been like in the hopes that the interviewed audience member has what it takes to be part of (dramatic pause) The Cardigan Club!


Prism is an improvisational troupe based out of Raleigh, NC. The group is comprised of 8
comedic actors and a willful disregard for standard social conventions. Prism takes a suggestion
from the audience and turns it on its head for the next 30 minutes. They make audiences laugh
by reflecting the audience suggestion into a hilarious world filled with memorable places, big
events, and amazing characters.

Mettlesome Tourco

Mettlesome Tourco brings the best improv comedians from the award winning, creative collective to new audiences. Durham based Mettlesome has been impressing and entertaining since it’s founding in 2015. With sketch, improv and storytelling, the company has aimed at defining a new Southern voice for comedy. These hilarious performers are at the top of their game ready to do just that and create a never before scene show that’ll be talked about over and over again.

The funniest acts from around the corner and across the country are coming together for one hilarious weekend. The Queen City Comedy Experience is more than just a festival -- it's three days chock-full of audience participation, sidesplitting stand-up, wacky improv and much, much more. If you're expecting the jokes your dad cracks on every family trip, buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride.

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