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Nerdy Night Out: Scary Ladies Who Rock

Nov 17, 2021 Booth Playhouse

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Host: Tiffany Bryant Jackson

Performers: Gabby Moore, Kitty Janvrin, Jenn Bianchi, Lauren Ansley, and Jenny Kabool


Murderers. Witches. Monsters. Mad queens. 


Join the comedy crew of Ladies Who Rock as they tell the horrifying stories of five scary women from history! Audiences will hear the true life tales of a flirty female serial killer, an (in)famous Voodoo priestess, a terrifying cult leader packaged in a blonde bob, how one weekend of debauchery led to the creation of one of the most well-known horror stories, and the story of the one, true Mad Queen (probably no dragons). These women weren't your average "Karens" and you can't blame their scary acts on that time of the month. Some of the women featured in this show may be familiar to audiences, but some may hear their stories for the first time. No doubt audiences will learn something new about these women who weren't afraid to cut a bitch (historically speaking).


Featuring regional storytelling and funny talent, Ladies Who Rock is a part of Blumenthal's Nerdy Night Out series that combines entertaining comedy and an enjoyable opportunity to learn something new. 

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