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Queen City Comedy Experience Workshop: Learn Sketch Writing from Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall 10am

Sep 28 , 2019 Dance Studio C at Spirit Square

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In this full-day workshop with Kevin McDonald, you will learn the Kids in the Hall method of writing sketches through improv!

We'll let Kevin describe the workshop: "I start the day with talking about the basics of sketch comedy and comedy writing. Then I teach the students the old Kids in the Hall method of writing comedy sketches through improv. We follow that by playing warm up games that lead them into thinking naturally about writing and performing at the same time. Then I split the class into groups and get each group to improvise a scene. After each scene we talk about them, give notes and figure out how the scenes could develop into a whole sketch. Then when all the improvised scenes are done, each group and I work all day to turn every scene that was improvised into a fully developed comedy sketch. By the end of the day, we will have 4 to 7 completely new sketches. I will probably also bore the students with Kids in the Hall anecdotes throughout the day. I apologize beforehand for that. Then, that night, I put on a show with the students who will perform a selection of their new sketches." That's right, some of the sketches you wrote will be performed that night, starring students from the workshop alongside Kevin McDonald. With admission to this workshop, you will receive a full day of training, lunch, and a chance to perform in sketches with Kevin McDonald in front of a live audience!

This workshop will be on Saturday, September 28, from 10am-5:30pm, in Dance Studio C at Spirit Square! 

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