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Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - Saved! Tour 2024

Sep 20, 2024 Booth Playhouse

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Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter is the brainchild behind the experimental music project called Lingua Ignota. Born and raised in the United States, Hayter is a classically trained musician and vocalist with a background in opera and choral music. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and struggles, as well as themes of trauma, abuse, and empowerment, Hayter creates haunting and visceral music that defies genre categorization.


Lingua Ignota’s sound is a unique blend of industrial, neoclassical, and metal elements, characterized by Hayter’s powerful vocals and intense performances. The project’s lyrics often reference historical religious texts, literature, and mythology, adding layers of depth and complexity to the music. Through her music, Hayter delves into themes of catharsis, healing, and transformation, inviting listeners to confront their own emotions and vulnerabilities.


Since the release of her debut album “Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him” in 2017, Lingua Ignota has garnered critical acclaim for its bold artistic vision and uncompromising approach to music. Hayter’s live performances are known for their raw intensity and emotional resonance, leaving audiences stunned and moved by her impassioned delivery.


With each new release, Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, establishing herself as a fearless and innovative artist in the realm of experimental music. Through Lingua Ignota, she has created a space for introspection and exploration, inviting listeners to confront the darkness within themselves and emerge stronger on the other side.

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