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The Power of Specificity Improv Workshop with Stephanie Rae

Aug 27, 2022 Stage Door Theater

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This event is part of the 2022 Queen City Comedy Experience (July 31-August 28).


This is a red ball. But is it a glittering, diamond-encrusted disco ball? Or is it a worn down, quarter-sized rubber ball? The details you add to your dialogue can make or break a scene, so we’re going to build your specificity muscles with mental exercises. Then, we’ll put these skills to the test with long-form improv based on true stories. You won’t just have fun being specific. You’ll have more fun than a thirty-six-year-old candy connoisseur touring Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. See what I did there?


Stephanie’s Bio:

Stephanie Rae has been studying traditional and musical improv for twelve years. She’s directed a Boyz II Men themed show for UCB's Del Close Marathon, guest played with everyone from the Groundlings to ComedySportz, and taught classes and workshops for improvisers from Louisiana to Liverpool. 


These days, she directs the Black Improv Alliance, performing with PlayBLACK Collective and Wakanda vs. Everybody, and running the 100 Black Improvisers Partnership - a program which has created scholarships for Black improvisers at more than 50 theaters around the world. She also has a law degree from Georgetown - but mostly uses it to win arguments online.

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