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Jul 7 - 8, 2017 Duke Energy Theater

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    $20 in advance, $30 beginning July 3.
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The life of Margaret, a middle age woman, is continually spiraling out of control due to anger, unforgiveness and broken dreams. Not only does she suffer from the lack of inner peace and joy, but her children and grandchildren are subject to it as well. The generational strong hold continues to agonize her entire family including her father, which is STUCK in his ways and whom she cares for, her dream chasing sister and freeloading and womanizing brother. From generation to generation the family has its share of financial difficulties, substance abuse and dysfunction. However, one family member decrees and declares that the family's struggle for peace and happiness will end NOW! The journey to this declaration is not an easy task to fulfill, but through laughter, tears, dancing and music the family will realize their victory was always inside of them.

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