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The One That Got Away

Nov 3 , 2018 Booth Playhouse

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When family Secrets, Lies, Lust and jealousy meet’s the mix becomes explosive and a recipe for disaster, pain, sickness and deep hurts. 

Come meet the pofo family Mother pearl who never fully recovered from a deep depression after the love of her life husband Earl left her while she was pregnant with twins and 5 year old Jewell who nursed her and raised the twins Diamond and Sapphire reaming faithful to them and a beautiful spinster, meets and is engaged to the dashing Kemp the professional banker who she vowed to save herself for until marriage is approached by the sexy handsome Reynaldo Valentine having feelings awakened that she never knew existed including the dreams of passion that left her desiring to explore. Reynaldo is determined to keep his mother Vanessa happy and wealthy and stay a womanizer to please Vanessa who believes women are a man’s down fall and there is no room for that in their dynasty. New to town Reynaldo is the hottest and most sought out brother. Sapphire is the hottest and most sought-after stripper from the east coast to the west. Having fallen in love and given birth to a son putting him up for adoption she comes to terms with it only to discover who the father is. Her Bff Darnell is flamboyant loud rude and chases anything with the title male attached to it only to run into Sweet Lilly who believes she has found her man since she was dropped by Pastor Leroy Alvin Divine head of House Of Ichabod church. Lest we forget the sharp tongued hateful Aunt Lucy and vice cop Deon. This show will have you not only hanging on your seat but in tears with laughter and moments of heartfelt sadness.

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