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Tosco Music Party

Apr 10, 2021 Knight Theater

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Come experience a sense of community through live music! With an infectious love of song and an inviting spirit, Tosco Music breaks down barriers between performers and audiences to celebrate the incredible power of music to bring people together. Tosco Music is a nonprofit organization and a resident company of Blumenthal Performing Arts that produces five Tosco Music Parties (TMP’s) each year and community outreach programs. A TMP is a music variety showcase of an eclectic mix of music styles by approximately 15 acts performing one or two songs each. Every TMP is a completely unique live music experience, and engages the audience in singalongs throughout the evening led by John Tosco and the TMP House Band & Singalong Choir.

Every June, Tosco Music presents a Beatles Tribute in the same format - only all Beatles songs! 

See highlights from past Tosco Music Parties.

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