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Queen City Variety Show with Jesse Jones, Taproot CLT, Now are the Foxes, and Hayden Childress

Sep 27 , 2018 Knight Gallery at Spirit Square

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Part of the Queen City Comedy Experience

Stand up, improv and magic ... all in one show!

Jesse Jones 
Jesse Jones has been doing stand-up comedy for the last eight years. His high-energy style and honest story telling allows crowds to connect with him on a personal level whether they want to or not. He has been seen on MTV, Laughs on Fox, reviewed by the New York Times and seen on the web series Fitness Fail with the 3V network.

Taproot CLT
Taproot CLT is a Charlotte-based group of dancers, actors, and other performing artists who create wacky and investigative performance works with an emphasis on storytelling.

They used to say that by the year 2020, there would be world peace and dinner would cook itself. But here we are with no flying cars and teenagers eating laundry detergent. Want to escape the horrors of our times? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This season on the hit reality show, we’ve brought together seven strangers bracing for vastly different futures. This is the show where the present doesn’t matter and the futures are plentiful. So sit back, relax, and enjoy “What Future is it Now?”

Now are the Foxes
You know that group of friends that are ALWAYS fun to be around? The ones with the wicked sense of humor. The dysfunctional but lovable bunch of clowns that have a satirical perspective on EVERYTHING and always make you laugh til your sides ache? No? You don’t have friends like that? Well neither did we, so we made our own.

If you like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you'll love this fun, fast, from the top of our heads comedy set from Charlotte's funniest improv team.

Hayden Childress
Hayden Childress is an award-winning magician who specializes in the art of illusion, and since the age of 10, Hayden has worked his way up from busking the streets of uptown Charlotte to headlining venues in the bustling art/theater/comedy venues in the Charlotte area. He has performed for organizations such as Emory University and Bosch, and has been gaining popularity for his original and fast-paced, interactive magic show.

Hayden's magic show feature’s amazing feats such as:

  • Magic illusions with random audience members’ borrowed smartphones.
  • Haydini’s signature sleight of hand card tricks that you have to see to believe.
  • Vanishing his girlfriend on stage! (Don’t worry, she probably re-appears).

“(Hayden) provides a fun, entertaining show that holds your attention throughout the entire evening. The variety of his performance and the skill to which it was executed was captivating and attested to his prowess as a magician and performer” – World Magic Review, 2017

You’ve seen rabbits pulled out of hats … now see hats pulled out of rabbits!

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