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Yes And! The Audience Participation Show

Jun 22, 2023 Stage Door Theater

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Queen City Comedy is back and this time it’s personal! We want you on stage with us! Join us for a night of short form and long form improv where you not only give the suggestions, but you are part of the action.

How can you participate? Well, 1 - you can just watch from the audience and laugh, clap and shout! 2 - You can volunteer to help out on stage doing things and being things for our performers! (no talking involved) 3 - You can be a part of the action and play in one of the scenes! 4 - You can share some true stories and then watch the comedians bring it to life!  It’s all up to you! 

This show features Charlotte’s Own Now are the Foxes Comedy Ensemble, as well as a few funny guests and comedians! 

Who are Now are the Foxes? 

They are your own personal group of funny friends! 

You know that group of friends that are ALWAYS fun to be around? The ones with the wicked sense of humor. The dysfunctional but lovable bunch of clowns that have a satirical perspective on EVERYTHING and always make you laugh til your sides ache? No? You don’t have friends like that? Well neither did we, so we made our own. Made up of the best actors, improvisors, and comedians in the area, Now Are the Foxes brings a unique and hilarious style to every show. 

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